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Convergence provides its expertise across multiple verticals including commercial, industrial, government, utility, and residential with services tailored to meet the specific needs of each category.


Solar Farm

Convergence Energy conceived, designed, financed and constructed one of the first community solar farms in the country. The project provided private investors the opportunity to invest in solar when it was determined that they could not install on their home, business or other facility. The project is a 660kW installation consisting of 99 dual axis trackers and has been operating since 2010.



The MPM project is considered one of the largest building integrated solar projects in the country. The 90kW vertical array is used by the museum to not only off-set their energy expenses but also to educate their guests. The project was completed in 2015.


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Components Company INC.

Components Company Inc. works with major EPC firms in the multi-billion dollar renewable energy market. They manage a full suite of components and sub-assemblies used in solar projects. The solar panels on their rooftop are part of their green initiative.


Clarke Environmental 

As part of Clarke’s commitment to sustainability, they invested in arrays totaling 103kW. They include a rooftop, solar awning and solar car charging station. The project was co-developed with Continental Electric Construction Company.


The 539kW Array + 250kW Energy Storage System (ESS) supports NCC's commitment to sustainability and provides a STEM curriculum platform.  This Intelligent Solar (Solar+ESS+Software) went on line in March of 2017. Intelligent Generation's patented software controls the ESS providing the college with on-going revenue streams and bill savings.  It should also be noted that North Central College financed the project through their Endowment, one of the first such structures for higher learning institutions in the United States.

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This ground installed array offsets 100% of the homeowner’s electric bill.

Res-Rec Solar

Residential Rooftop 

This garage rooftop installation supported the homeowners LEED Platinum new home construction. The array offsets their load by 60%, which includes charging their hybrid automobile.



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