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Convergence Energy provides its customers with best-in-class customer service. With years of business and industry experience, our team places customer service and relationships as a top priority. We put our customers and partners first by providing them with trust, integrity and respect.




Tom Martin is CEO of Convergence Energy. He currently directs the financial and corporate strategies. He is also CEO of Convergence Equity, a venture capital firm specializing in technology and marketing-driven startups. Prior to founding Convergence Equity, Martin worked for Dell Computer Corporation. At Dell, Martin was Vice President of marketing and business development from 1991-2000.

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John Kivlin is President of Convergence Energy. He currently directs the engineering and technical operations of the firm’s complex client engagements.  Prior to founding Convergence Energy, LLC, Kivlin was the COO of Helios Solar Works, a made in the USA solar module manufacturer located in Milwaukee, WI.  Mr. Kivlin spent 17-years in various capacities at Motorola prior to being a founding member of Helios. 

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Steve Johnson is VP of Business Development and directs the sales and marketing aspects of the company. Johnson has 30 years experience in sales and business development. Steve gives nothing less than exceptional service and a unique and memorable experience to all who deal with him. 

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With experience in finance, design & engineering, construction and operations & maintenance, Convergence can help with all of your solar needs. 

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