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Convergence Energy develops leading edge solutions that incorporate solar, battery storage and software technologies that optimize the components to best serve our customer’s needs. The following projects are either in service or will be soon and illustrate what we can do for your business. 


Intelligent Solar: Solar + Storage + Software

Abt Rooftop copy3.jpg

Abt Electronics, Glenview, IL

Abt is the largest single-store appliance and electronics retailer in the world. The project includes a 508kW solar array with 450kW/1MWh Tesla Powerpack Energy Storage System (ESS) and a software platform to optimize savings and revenue. The ESS is used to back-up Abt’s IT/.com infrastructure as well as provides an ongoing revenue stream from the wholesale power market as well as reducing their peak load contribution (PLC)/capacity charges.


The 539kW Array + 250kW JCI ESS supports NCC's commitment to sustainability and provides a STEM curriculum platform. This Intelligent Solar was financed through their endowment, one of the first such structures for higher learning institutions in the United States.

Magid 1 copy.jpg

Magid Glove and Safety, Romeoville, IL

The 3.5MW solar array, the largest rooftop array in the Midwest, went online in mid-2019 and will be followed up with a 2MW ESS Tesla Powerpack. The array was designed to offset 100% of the facility’s electric load with the ESS placed in PJM’s wholesale power market.  

Gundersen 2 copy.jpg

Gundersen Healthcare Systems, Tomah, WI

Gundersen is a leading healthcare provider in Wisconsin, one of the most sustainability-minded healthcare providers in the United States. They own and operate a network of wind and solar assets that offset 100% of their carbon emissions. In addition to this offsite generation, they recently began deploying solar assets on their facilities. Their newly constructed clinic in Tomah includes a 258kW solar array and 210kW/430kWh Tesla ESS Powerpack.  The ESS replaced a gas generator, further reducing their carbon footprint, backing up the facility’s critical loads in the event of a power outage. As the wholesale power market continues to evolve in Wisconsin, the ESS could be deployed to create additional operational savings through frequency regulation revenue streams.

Three additional Intelligent Solar projects will be announced in late 2019, deploying in 2020, including a large-scale industrial, state-of-the-art demonstration microgrid to include solar, storage, gas generator, and flywheel technologies.

Commercial / Industrial SOLAR


Michael Lewis Company, McCook, IL

MLCo is a global logistics company supplying dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods to the airline industry. The corporate headquarters, a LEED Gold designated building, was recently enhanced with a 2MW rooftop solar array, further supporting their corporate sustainability mission and goals. The array offsets their historical electric load by an estimated 50% with an exceptional IRR and short payback, providing operational savings in addition to the positive environmental impact.

EMC IL.jpeg

Electrical Materials Company, Earlville, IL and Genoa City, WI

EMC is a supplier of materials to the electric utilities industry. The Earlville project (pictured) is a combination of ground and rooftop installations totaling 974kW. The Genoa City array is a 126kW rooftop array located at the company’s headquarters.  

Connoils 1.jpg

ConnOils, LLC, Big Bend, WI

ConnOils, the first hemp processing facility in Wisconsin, is leading the way in the CBD oil processing industry. Convergence provided consultation in the early stages of the building’s design to make sure the proper steps were considered as they considered solar generation as an option to relying solely on grid electricity. Their new corporate headquarters includes a 147kW solar array, which was made possible in part by a grant from Wisconsin’s “Focus on Energy” state incentive program. The project is expected to reduce their grid power dependence by an estimated 70% and supports their environmental goals.

Componex Aerial copy.jpg

Componex Company, Edgerton, WI

This Wisconsin-based manufacturing company envisioned a manufacturing facility powered 100% by renewable solar power.  The 237kW array provided Componex a competitive advantage by lowering its operating expenses while at the same time maintaining sound environmental principles.

components company.jpg

Components Company Inc., Waukesha, WI

Components Company Inc. works with EPC firms in the multi-billion-dollar renewable energy market. They manage a full suite of components and sub-assemblies used in solar projects. The project supported their business development initiatives as well as their sustainable objectives.

Kunes copy.jpg

Kunes Country Auto Group, Delavan, WI

Electricity generated from this 151kW array will offset approximately 50% of Kunes’ Ford dealership located in Delavan, WI. As the automotive industry transitions to electric vehicles, more and more dealerships will find distributed solar energy an attractive option to fossil fuel-based grid power.


Clark Environmental, St. Charles, IL

As part of Clarke’s commitment to sustainability, they invested in arrays totaling 103kW, including a rooftop, solar awning and solar car port and charging station. The project was co-developed with Continental Electric Construction Company.

Municipal / Governmental SOLAR

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.05.05 PM.png

Deerfield Public Works, Deerfield High school, Deerfield, WI

This project was developed by Convergence on behalf of the Couillard Solar Foundation to benefit the city of Deerfield and its residents. This unique co-ownership model allowed the municipality to enjoy the benefits of solar energy with a 235kW ground installation at the public works facility and 474kW array on the high school.

Fitchburg City Hall copy.jpg

City of Fitchburg, Fitchburg, WI

Committed to renewable energy, the City of Fitchburg’s 362kW project includes solar arrays on four city rooftops, including the West Fire Station, City Hall, Public Works Maintenance Facility and the Fitchburg Public Library. These installations offset about 10% of the city’s electricity needs, helping meet its goal of generating 25% of its load from renewable energy by 2025.



The MPM project is considered one of the largest building integrated solar projects in the country. The 90kW vertical array is used by the museum to not only off-set their energy expenses, but also to educate their guests.



Lending a Hand

For the past several years, Convergence has been working with ReVolv, a California-based philanthropic organization crowdfunding small, not-for-profits in Wisconsin. Although small projects, we appreciate the good work they are doing on behalf of these entities. Convergence has provided design and project development for the following entities: Riverwest Coop, River Revitalization Foundation, Project Home and Primates, Inc., and Victory Gardens and Habitat for Humanity, to name a few.  


Solar Farm Winter Wheat 2 copy.jpg

The Early Days

A little over eleven years ago, Convergence started in the residential sector, gaining a foothold in the early days of solar development in Wisconsin. After completing dozens of residential projects, Convergence conceived, designed, and obtained financing to construct what is considered to be one of the first community solar farms in the United States. The project provided private investors the opportunity to invest in solar when it was determined that they could not install on their home, business, or other facility. The project is a 660kW installation consisting of 99 dual axis trackers and has been operating since 2010.



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